A Golf Purist’s Dream

A Golf Purist's Dream Colonia Country Club is a golf purist’s dream. Built in 1898, this is a golf course where par is a sacred score, even on the calmest days. There are no tricks, and no overabundance of anything—water, trees, or sand—and for this reason, Colonia stands proudly alongside the other dozen pre-1900 architectural masterpieces [...]

Built By A Missionary of Golf

Built By A Missionary of Golf In the late 1890s golf was a novelty, perhaps even a curiosity, in America. The founders of Colonia Country Club, however, took a different approach from the start. They landed an authentic Scotsman to design a golf course for them. Thomas Bendelow arrived in America from Aberdeen, Scotland, in [...]

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect The Driving Range offers a practice area adjacent to the putting green. Here the golfer can utilize any one of several stations to improve their game. There are also three target greens at lengths of 100, 150, and 200 yards.