8th Hole

Par 5





Image for Hole 8

Player Tips

Low Handicap Player: Here the player should favor the left side of the fairway. This takes the out-of-bounds on the right out of play. He should be able to carry the trap on the left. Even if he hits his tee shot into the trees on the left he can hit a low shot out of the tree line. The second shot on this hole, as it is on par five’s, is key. The second shot here is important because he does not want to contend with the willow tree on the right. The player should lie back far enough so as to have a shot of somewhere around 120 yards. This allows for a full shot to the green that slopes from left to right. The approach from the left side of the fairway to a right pin placement is very difficult.

Average Handicap Player: The average player definitely wants to look at this hole as a “three shot” hole in order to “save” par. He definitely wants to favor the left side. The player wants to position his second shot so that he is on the left side of the fairway, away from the willow and in a position to put his third shot on or close to the green. He should be looking at a “pitch and run” for this shot. Of the par five’s this is the smallest green. If he is playing the hole as a four-shot hole then his third shot should be in a position where he can execute a “full” shot to the green and take the willow tree out of consideration.