Hole 4

4th Hole

Par 5





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Player Tips

Low Handicap Player: The tee shot should favor the right side of the fairway. Even if the player hits his tee shot in the right side bunker he is better off because his second shot must be on the left side of the fairway. Having the ball on the left side for the third shot is critical. The tree branches on the right side really cut down on the accessibility of the green. If he chooses to play short then his concern must be to leave himself a “full” shot to the green with either a pitching wedge or a sand wedge. Because this is most important shot, the golfer must be conscious of the pin placement.

Average Handicap Player: For the average player the tee shot is not critical. The average player wants to be some place on the right side of the fairway. His second shot should be on the left side or center of the fairway. Now the player should be looking to make this a four shot hole to get to the green. His third shot should be one that leaves him a “comfortable” shot to the green. He could consider hitting a “punch” shot to the short left or center of the fairway. Staying away from the tree line on the right is a “must”. He does not want his lay-up shot to be too close to the water so he cannot use a full pitching or sand wedge. Making a six on this hole should be a consideration. Not playing smart can lead to a double or triple bogie.