18th Hole

Par 4





Image for Hole 18

Player Tips

Low Handicap Player: Could use driver here and should stay away from the left side of the fairway. This will take away the right hand side trap but not the left trap. The right side, even if you miss the shot a little, will leave an open shot to the green. He should be looking for an 80 yard or less shot to the green. This green slopes severely from left to right, so that a shot hit to the center of the green may roll off to the right. This green slopes slightly from back left to right front. Here, left because of the trap, or long left, will leave a difficult chip because of the slope of the green. The real ”challenge” to this hole is the placement of the pin and the golfer must be aware of it in order to ”score” on this hole.

Average Handicap Player: Should line up with a “driver” and aim for the left hand trap. They will probably not carry the ball to the trap even if they hit it straight. If they “cut” the ball they will be on the right side of the fairway or the rough taking the traps on the right out of play and offering them the best approach to this hole. If they miss the green, it is best to miss it short right. Even a chip uphill to a pin on the left, is difficult because of its length and the fact that the green will level out and run slightly away from the golfer.