15th Hole

Par 5





Image for Hole 15

Player Tips

Low Handicap Player: Here the tee shot should be a “cut”. It is rather difficult to hit over the trees on the right and a miscalculation can put you out-of-bounds. Most players here will go with a 3-wood as opposed to a driver. This way they can try the cut shot and if they hit it straight they will not go through the fairway and out-of-bounds. The fairway, after the dogleg, goes left to right so play the left side of the fairway and this will give you your best angle to approach the green. You should leave yourself a shot to the green from the left side of where you can put some spin on the ball. The bunker on the left is not a terrible spot to be in. The bunker on the right is definitely bad because you will be chipping across and down the hill. A good place to miss the green is short left. This will leave you an uphill chip and putt. Play it as a three shot hole, but be sure to find your optimum yardage for the third shot.

Average Handicap Player: From the tee the average player should aim straight at the far fence. It’s unlikely the ball is going to go through the fairway to the out-of-bounds. His second shot from the “short grass” will be a good fairway wood. This should leave him a shot to the green. The left side of the fairway is the best place to be. This is not as critical as it is for the low handicap player since the average player will be hitting a little longer club, the third shot should be short of the green and if it does not release he will have an uphill putt.