14th Hole

Par 5





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Player Tips

Low Handicap Player: The player should try to hit a draw off the tee. Aim for the trees on the right and draw the ball. If he should hit it straight and is long enough he may have a shot at the green. If the golfer cannot hit a draw, then hit a 3-wood from the tee, so that he may land in the fairway and think of it as a three-shot hole (to get on the green). The trees on the left are a problem. It is the out-of-bounds on the left. A draw is the best chance to get to the green in two. Of the entire par five’s, this is the best chance for the player to get to the green with the second shot. Trying to get over the tree on the left at the dog-leg can be a problem so leaving the tee shot to the right, even in the trees, can give you a chance to reach the green in two. The green is slightly elevated so you must hit a shot that carries to the green.

Average Handicap Player: The average player “absolutely” wants to favor the right side. To play it straight is fine because the golfer will not be trying to get over the trees on the left. He should stay to the right, because if he “cuts” the ball or plays a low shot he has plenty of room. If you are long on your shot to the green, then you have a problem if the pin is in the front because the green slopes severely from back to front. Here the third shot from the right side will be a problem because of the tree line. This hole does not favor the average player because he usually hits a slice or a cut and not a draw. The Fourteenth is one of the few par five’s where the average player, even if he hits a poor drive, can get to the dog-leg in two. He must guard against going across the fairway and into the trees on the right.